“The Home”

I just started a new job almost two weeks ago at a nursing home working in Activities. I have mostly worked in the medical field since I graduated high school so it wasn’t anything out of the norm or so I thought.  Don’t get me wrong I love my job. I get to bring  joy and happiness to these people and it makes my heart happy when I am able to do that. I have gotten attached to certain ones also. The only downside is that I see how lonely and depressed some of these people can get when they either don’t have family or there family doesn’t come visit. Now coming from having a mom that has been off and on sickly for the past 13 years and been in nursing homes for rehab and hospitals, I get it. The family still has to work. It’s like with anything… Time still ticks on. There were nights I wasn’t able to visit due to working and honestly being tired.. So while I am at work and anytime I am just here visiting/singing with my church I strive to spend time with these people. Someone told me the other day, “You are so good with them!, Whats your secret?” I don’t really think it is a secret but I explained that I just go back to the Golden Rule. “Treat others how you would want to be treated.” There are days when I am moody or don’t feel good or even lonely and so when I am I want/need someone there to spend time with me. Its the same with this scenario. People, residents or non residents, just want to be made a priority to others. A challenge I have for anyone reading this is to take a look and think of someone that you don’t go visit or talk to and go! If you don’t have anyone there are plenty of hospitals/nursing homes etc that you can go and visit people. We all need to remember the Golden Rule and to be compassionate with everyone….CHOOSE LOVE NOT HATE!


Author: joyfulheart89

I am 26 years old. Got married 12-19-2015. Trying to be a light for Jesus in today's world. I sing and my husband plays guitar and mandolin. I love to cook.

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