Half a year down…. Forever to go!

Last Sunday marked six months since me and Patrick said I DO.  It has definitely been an adventure.  You hear all your life that the first year of marriage is hard. For me the word “hard” should really be replaced with the word different. I love my husband and am thankful that he  loves me no matter what. He’s the most caring man I know.  He’s my protector/rock. However, this time last year as I envisioned being married… I know its a cliche but I pictured the illusion of a white picket fence. The idea that marriage was just going to be perfect. I now realize that no one is perfect and neither is marriage, hence I use the word different. We have just now (like last week) finally got accustomed to living with each other. His routines and habits are very different than mine. He leaves the lid off the toothpaste, and I forget to make the bed a majority of the time. He likes to keep everything and I’m more of a “less is best” kind of gal. I like it freezing in the house and he likes it warm. We have so many differences but its those differences that make it fun. Marriage is what you make of it. Both you and your spouse have to give 100% . If I could give advice to any one getting married soon it would probably consist of three things.

1. Patience: I’m not a very patient person. I like that instant gratification of many things, but marriage is not one of those. Both you and your spouse must have patience with each other to make your marriage grow. If you do not have patience there will be a lot of unwanted and unnecessary frustration and arguments. Be patient with yourself also. Marriage is about learning each other and yourself… It takes time.

2.  Me-Time: You must make time for yourself. I know when you get married you think you want to spend all of your time with your new spouse and while you should want to, yet you also have to have the me-time to recharge. My husband likes to hunt and fish and I like to shop and get my nails done. When he goes hunting/fishing and I go do my thing it gets us away from each other to focus on ourselves even if just for a few hours. That time away  helps us to miss our spouse and can avoid from again unwanted frustration.

3.  Support: Be your spouses’ biggest cheerleader. Support them. I know when I am excited about something I can’t wait to tell my husband. My face gets red and my voice gets even louder. When you show excitement/support for your spouse it shows that someone has their back, and really isn’t that one of the main roles of marriage?  I know that no matter what I do that my husband will support me and hoop and holler for me always.

I have only been married six months and am by no means an expert at marriage, but for me these are a few ways that  can help your marriage be the best it can be. It goes back to the golden rule. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Are you treating your spouse like you would  want to be treated?




Let the adventures begin

This is the post excerpt.

Someone somewhere told me a long time ago to write what I know. For some reason I can write my feelings out better than expressing them in person. I have been saved since I was 10 years old and have always tried to be a light for Christ. There have been times where I’ve not shown that light, but it is always been a priority. I remember growing up seeing relationships and marriages that ended in divorce thinking will I wind up like this? I idolized my aunt and my uncles’ marriage. The way he would put his arm around her at church even after all these years of marriage. When I turned 16 I began praying for my future spouse, and while I’m sure some of the characteristics and qualities from then have changed as I grew older two qualities always remained. 1.) Someone who loved Christ so much I had to grow closer to Christ in order to grow closer to him. 2.) Someone who loved me for me. Needless to say when I began dating my now current spouse back in 2013 he embodied both of those. Back in December of 2015 we finally married. I’m not going to lie and say that marriage is easy. It’s totally not easy. However, its worth it. We’ve only been married a few months and I have gotten such a deeper connection one that I never knew existed. Our marriage is not perfect and we both try yet fail daily, but we make it a priority to keep Christ at the center of it. So here I am starting a blog to write weekly (well try to) about my experiences being a newlywed and trying to be a Christian in todays crazy world. Let the adventures begin! 🙂